Increase health and physical activity, identify trends, and strive for improvement by syncing the portal with these devices: Activity and sleep tracker, Wireless scales (weight, body fat, BMI), Blood glucose monitors, Blood pressure monitors.

Create Challenges to encourage healthy, fun competition

Create challenges based on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle balance. Challenges can be individual or team based. Receive badges and achievements for successfully completing challenges.

The 3fitt Wellness Program

The 3fitt portal is a powerful tool that helps you easily manage and customize your wellness program. The 3fitt life means a more rewarding lifestyle for individuals and a more productive and profitable team for companies.  Outcome-based programming motivates individuals to take charge of their health and helps companies improve the health of their population, resulting in increased productivity and lower healthcare costs.

  • Nutrition Tracking

    Track diet, nutrition, and calorie consumption using our database populated with most food choices, including popular restaurant items.  If you can measure it, you can manage it!

    • Set a weight loss goal and choose the time-line within which to achieve the goal
    • Log foods eaten to track calories, fat, fiber, carbs, sodium, protein, cholesterol, sugar, and water
    • Our Food Plan shows you how many calories you've consumed for the day and how many may still be consumed to stay within the desired weight goal
  • Activity Management

    Log physical activities with our extensive database of almost every exercise activity you can think of.

    • See how many calories have been burned for the type and duration of exercise entered
    • Activity stats for the past two weeks are calculated and graphed showing calories burned and steps taken
    • Exercise is factored into the Food Plan in calculating how many calories may be consumed to stay on track to achieve the desired weight goal
  • Social Wellness

    Increase engagement by bringing people together for support, motivation, encouragement, and accountability.

    • See where you stand in relation to your friends/peers
    • Post updates and comment on posts from your friends/peers
    • Users can create customized groups to facilitate discussion and see fitness progress of group members, helping each other become more active and healthy
  • Rewards

    Create an incentive program customized to fit your needs.  You have significant flexibility to establish reward parameters, including:

    • Amount of reward
    • Achievement threshold
    • Frequency and duration
    • Activity points
  • Health Assessment

    Use the built-in health assessment, with no need for a third party to manage the questionnaire.

    • Questions are based on medical history, prevention, nutrition, exercise, alcohol, tobacco, stress, safety, and (optionally) biometrics.
    • Upon completion of the health assessment, a score from 0-100 will be assessed for overall health risk.
    • A detailed Personal Health Manager Report is created to provide information on individual risk level within each category of the health assessment.
  • Biometric Data

    Integrated biometrics help to identify hidden risks and provide guidance on managing health based on numbers.  Track results within the following categories:

    • Glucose profile
    • Basic lipid panel
    • Inflammation
    • Liver function test
    • Kidney function test