The 3fitt Community

3fitt is a Wellness Company founded on the three pillars of personal effectiveness and fulfillment; family, fitness, and finance. If these three foundations of a successful life are in focus and balance, you will likely be living a successful and fulfilling life. Individuals who are 3fitt are happier, healthier, and more productive.

Wellness Program:  The 3fitt portal is a powerful tool that helps you easily manage and customize your wellness program. The 3fitt life means a more rewarding lifestyle for individuals and a more productive and profitable team for companies.  Outcome-based programming motivates individuals to take charge of their health and helps companies improve the health of their population, resulting in increased productivity and lower healthcare costs. 

One Integrated Platform: Our integrated platform affords maximum flexibility . Our 3fitt platform is compatible with most activity tracking devices, as well as integrated health measurement devices. The 3fitt platform adapts to your needs. This robust, customizable platform serves as a catalyst for healthy behavior change, reduction in healthcare costs, and flexible, scalable corporate health initiatives.

  • Device Integration

  • Easily manage and customize your wellness program.

  • Employee Engagement

  • People come together for support, motivation, and encouragement.

  • Rewarding and Productive Lifestyle

  • Rewarding lifestyle and productive and profitable team for companies.